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Welcome to Parklands Drive

We are a very proud team that has two significant points of difference.

Our curriculum is among the best in the country. We teach not just literacy and numbers, but also work through world awareness, science, cultures, hygiene, behaviours, routines and much more, to build a child’s self-confidence.

A very high parent-teacher involvement – Individual chats, formal interviews, parent information afternoons, written reports about school readiness, daily activity report and an evolving curriculum according to parent’s feedback.

 musicalicons_02We do NOT pride ourselves on showy and excessive infrastructure. Such things don’t add value to your child’s education and even risk your child’s safety at times.

  We do NOT entice responsible parents with any free giveaways.

 Ours is a homely, tree lined Centre in a quiet street with very spacious rooms, natural grass, pets, vegetable garden and fresh food offered with LOVE and a lot of education every day.

 So, if you are looking for something different, have a walk around our Centre and allow us to show you our curriculum. This is the most important decision in your child’s early years so make it wisely!

Our vision is to ensure all children within our care are able to develop to their full potential in an environment of love, care and respect, strong relationships and learning. The great foundation in the early years should enable each child to have a confident and successful journey ahead.

Here at Parklands we endeavor to achieve the best results for each child

Children’s Education

Early childhood education is of the utmost importance at Parklands Drive Early Education and Kindergarten. Each puzzle, game and resource has been specifically chosen to enhance your child’s education. We follow the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF and also encourage learning through play based activities.

Along with our exceptional early childhood education curriculum, we provide fresh food (all meals), music, dance lessons and soccer lessons.


Brisbane Vacation Care

Keep your kids entertained throughout the school holidays at our exciting family childcare facility. We are proudly an early learning school for a good start and incorporate teaching with play for a fantastic day your kid’s will love!



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