About Parklands

Dr Harpreat Moudgil and Dr Vikas Moudgil (business owners/Approved Providers)

We, both practicing doctors by profession, would like to introduce ourselves and share the reasons of why our Centre is different and why you must visit us.

My husband and I have worked extremely hard for a year scrubbing this Centre and refurbishing it. Every game, puzzle and resource has been thoughtfully picked with your child’s education in mind.

We have an excellent cohort of staff that we absolutely love. Our director is a highly qualified, very approachable person with a heart of gold. The Centre is on a quiet street with no noise or pollution of traffic. We have a massive outdoors with trees and all natural grass (no fake grass at all) as well as chickens and guinea pigs. We also provide full fresh food, music and dance lessons all included in the one very competitive price. Soccer lessons are available too.

This Centre is different because of our very strong owner commitment to providing you all with a quality childcare. As a mother myself, I have had my kids crying and hanging on to windows while the staff thought it was ‘OK’ and couldn’t care less. Their attitude did not give me the confidence that the day would actually be ‘OK’. I once raised my concerns about my child being left in wet pants and clearly they did not think it was a big deal at all. How heart breaking for a mum!

Imagine the guilt you would carry for a lifetime. I know it all, I have been there. Being parents ourselves, I know the importance of investing in early childhood years. Good parenting complemented by a quality childcare assists in children’s social and cognitive development.

So this is the Centre that we have built with pride and offer to you all. You have direct access to me or my marvellous director Amanda for any concerns. And no it’s not ‘OK’ for your child’s care to be compromised. We want to enhance health and safety of our children by extending quality care, which should assist them in developing a strong sense of belonging and identity in our multicultural society.

Yes we do care.

We provide this service at a very competitive price with full fresh food included. Our fruits come direct from the Rocklea markets every week. We don’t have cooked foods in the freezer or any packaged meals that other companies deliver in trucks.

Our Menus are based on www.nhmrc.gov.au/guidelines/publications/n55 guidelines and also from the following government website – www.nutritionaustralia.org/nsw/nutrition-services-early-learning-centres.

We have had guidance from our Nutritionist Ms Zoe Walsh, who works at the Mater hospital. We provide hats for each child on enrolment as we follow sun-smart policy recommended by www.cancerqld.org.au

We truly are a HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

Government approved Kindergarten program has been running successfully in the Centre. Cultivating relationships with guinea pigs (Jaffa and Oreo), free range chickens (Luna and Quinn) and fish will enable children to foster a caring approach and sense of responsibility. The natural outdoor landscape include elements of real grass, green vegetation and vegetable gardens to offer sensory experiences for children to explore and bond with nature. We believe that the natural surroundings with stimulating environment and the educational resources will promote curiosity and creativity for our children. Our commitment will be guided by the National Quality Framework.

The Centre is registered as an Approved Provider of Early Childhood Services by the Office of Early Childhood Education and Care OECEC (Office of Early Childhood Education and Care) under the Education and Care Services National Law 2010. The Centre also maintains Policies, which are based on the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

Please follow government link for more information www.deta.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood

We provide “Approved Care” which can entitle parents/caregivers to child care benefit as well as the 50% child care rebate. Parents should consult the Family Assistance Office (www.familyassist.gov.au) for details of their specific entitlements to CCB. Further information on the 50% child care rebate is available from the Australian Taxation Office (www.ato.gov.au).

We look forward to integrating community core values in line with our vision in nurturing the next generation. Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards,

Dr Harpreat Moudgil and Dr Vikas Moudgil
Licensee / Approved Providers
Parklands Drive Early Education and Kindergarten Pty Ltd
ABN #: 72 199 003 076
Provider Approval #: PR40000638
Service Approval #: SE-00000460